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Relationship Problem

Relationships are a very important part of one’s life as it is the basic need of the human being. MK Shastri Ji elucidates, about the types of problems in relationships, reasons for breakups taking place and how does astrology help to overcome such arising issues in life. Our Astrologer will guide you the core reasons behind affecting your relationships, and how to improve them in a certain manner which will be proved to be very helpful for the couples and for everyone who wants to live a good life with their partners.

One of the many chances when a person is searching for an answer to the issues arising in the marriage, for example, getting apart from each other, getting misused, brutally treating, disloyalty, sexual insufficiency, financial issues, and others. You can ask for any problems you are going through, we will aid in every way possible. Utilizing our enhanced knowledge acquired in this field, we will locate why your relationship is undergoing such a drastic change? It all tends to happen, due to an upset Grahdasha, Black Magic, Kaali Nazar, and varying other such eccentric terms that discovers a real mental clash between the couples, which can truly resolve such problems, if, these get sorted or gets on to the track.

The following factors can affect any relationship:

•  Lack of Friendship between the two – Friendly behavior, communication, time spent with each other are the three main ingredients for building a beautiful relationship with others. Due to the absence of these vitals, people are unable to build a successful relationship.


•  Differing Expectations – Expectations can destroy your healthy relationship when you want that, your partner or another person in the family should do things in a certain way, which you have never even discussed with them. He/She is your partner, not a mind reader. This is when the Difference in Expectations takes place, which can even disrupt your beautiful relation forever. For example, expecting a certain birthday presents or an anniversary gift.


•  Stress – Any instances that cause stress can bring certain problems into your life which can further lead to disturbing relations with your nears and dears. Stress due to official work or any occurrence of an outside event can drastically affect your relationship and to the positive atmosphere at home.


•  Lack of trust- Doubting on your partner will lead to breakups. So keep trust and let your partner enjoy life as he/she wants them to. Don’t compel anyone to act as you wanted them to.


•  Financial Problems- Financial issues, is one of the biggest relationship killers of all. Though, it is an extremely common problem. But, dishonesty about money matters could disrupt the relationship milestones such as buying a new home together.


•  Unemployment – It usually happens when an individual is unemployed for a long time, and a person enters into a depression state which forces them to act negatively.


•  Drugs Usage – Unapologetically, Addiction can take control of the person and can destroy everything in one’s life, including their relationships with their friends, loved ones, etc. Some people also begin with lying about the money spent, locations they have been, and about the missing stuff in the house.


All these problems are governed by the occurrence of planets disturbance in the horoscope and Astrology is the answer for it. We accept that issues in marriage will exist as long as relationships exist. What’s more, they can be settled by us. Trust us, for we have been specialists in this field of Astrology. We anticipate that we can tackle your concerns by listening and understanding your problems wisely.

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