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Health Issues

Medical Astrology

Health Astrology or Medical Astrology is the branch, which deals with the health Issues of an individual. Most of the astrologers put efforts on to glean the facts from an individual’s Natal Chart. That determines the health issues he/she is likely to experience throughout his/her entire course of his/her life.


Uses of Medical Astrology

– Rising Periods of stress or lowered vitality when one could have health problems

– Bodily Weaknesses

– Getting prone to various diseases

– Deficiencies


Medical Astrology also describes the best dates and times for an elective the procedure, such as surgery.


The Importance and Movements of Planets in Health Astrology

Generally, the movements of varying astrological planets correspond to all organs and other parts of the body. Briefly, the body organs are ruled by the sun signs:

  • Brain and Nerves by Mercury and Uranus
  • Respiratory by Mercury
  • Heart by the Sun
  • Arteries by Mars
  • Veins by Saturn
  • Kidneys by Venus
  • Liver by Jupiter
  • Digestive system by Venus
  • Muscles by Mars
  • Reproduction by Venus and Mars
  • Endocrine system by Neptune and Uranus
  • Testes by Pluto
  • Ovaries by the Moon
  • Skin by Saturn
  • Teeth Nails and Hair by Mars
  • Bones and Skeleton by Saturn
Planets & your body

The placement of the planets and signs in your Natal Chart shows how your body will respond to the arrangements of planets. Astrology guides us that there is a connection between the solar system structure and the cognitive structure of the mind and body. Medical astrology is a traditional system known as an Ancient Therapeutic System. Which widely associates among various body parts with the influences of the Sun, Moon, planets, and the 12 zodiac signs. Each sun sign and planet is interconnected with different body parts that maintain good health. Moreover, you can also work with your own astrological signatures to understand what sort of foods and medicines will be well-suited for you. And what kinds of preventive measures should be taken.


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