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About Us

About Astrologer MANISH

The sun, moon, star and planets have always created a sense of fascination in this universe that makes us go awe!! We, at manishsharmaastrologer.com, works hard to reveal this fascinating sense of wonder and the magical mystery by offering (presenting) you all the information related Vedic astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Medical astrology, Business and Corporate services, Match making, Education and Carrier and so on. As India’s top most platform for various Astrology services. We offer a multiple service by the famous, the best and most renowned Manish sharma astrologer,

The following services that we provide:


We give you the world most correct and accurate information on sun signs, moon signs, movements of stars and planets. The accurate position of the celestial bodies and the spiritual information and their influences on humans, their life and their health and much more by the astrology expert Manish Sharma Astrologer who is famous for his astrology skills all of over India and abroad.

Medical Astrology

Most of us face many sufferings in our life and after spending a thousand of money than also you don’t get relief and cure. Because sometimes the movements planets and stars of your Raashi play with your health and makes you ill. We provide you the best medical astrology because medical astrology is an ancient medical treatment that leads to fast recovery and treatments that last for long. It works as a diagnostic tool. With the help of the Medical Astrology, our expert will give you the best recommendation and solution to your sufferings and disease that will quickly cure your health and make you to live a disease-free life as you were living earlier.


Our expert will give you the best numerology services by carefully looking into your birth charts, numbers and zodiac signs. Because your day and date of birth can reveal a lot about you. Your personality, strength and weakness, education, carrier so on. Even our renowned Astrology expert will guide you through the choice of colors.


Since ancient period, It Is believed that construction is a part of Astrology. The most eminent kings and queens believed in the Vaastu for constructing house, building, court, Darbar, monuments and so on. Vaastu is a premier for your destination home, office, building and so on…Vaastu and Shastra plays a very important role in construction as when to start the construction work. Where to place the kitchen, worshipping room, bedroom and so on. As you go to the architecture for you dream planning house. We also there to offer you a correct Vaastu service to make your house. A home filled with love, peace and harmony.

Within the Vedas, there is a sacred science of building called the Vaastu Shastra. Where Vaastu means building and Shastra means science. It explains how to create an environment in accordance with the laws of nature which may help to experience support and prosperity in life.

Vastu Shastra help us to know about the uneasiness that we feel in some environments and uplifted in others. Apart from this we also provide services such as Education services, Carrier, Relationship problem, Business services and Corporate services.

About us

At manishsharmaastrologer.com you can take the consultation of our astrology expert online through phone, telephonic and video call and skype. Manish Sharma Astrologer provide you with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes, color predictions. Also 100% gemstones Certified Gemstone that best owns the superficial powers of heavenly bodies to humans to overcome from weak planetary combinations present in birth chart. Every gemstone has its inherent qualities but it is not necessary that it will suit everybody. For each zodiac sign there is a particular gemstone. Before wearing it one should be aware of placement of planet in birth chart & running main period of planet, whether it is suitable to wear gemstone or not.

Further, we provide offer Rudra Shas and yantras (mantras) which will help save from evils and bad comings and problems and works for the betterment of your life.

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